Pascale Perez- Rubin

Chef, baker, food journalist and author of recipe books. I write and photograph a food column on a regular basis for a number of publications, including the weekend and magazine editions of Ma'ariv, and the Jerusalem Post.
As a child, the smells of cooking and baking enticed me into our tiny kitchen, to the point where I drove my late mother, Esther z"l, mad. She tried to get rid of me but eventually gave up. I remember that at the age of 6, I had already baked my first cake, which came out lovely and poffy!

I grew up amongst the tastes, aromas and sounds that led me to the field of gastronomy. At first, I tried to reproduce the wonderful dishes that my mother prepared, and later I strived to copy similar and different dishes from my neighbors’ kitchens. More often than not it was a long and difficult journey until I reached the result I wanted and no-one was happier than I was when I reached my goal. Whoever bakes a lot understands that a winning recipe is not always enough, and it's the same with cooking. I returned time after time to my mother and she corrected me until I reached the required result in her opinion.

Today I'm recognized as being a specialist and anthropologist of different communities in Israel and I'm known as an interpreter of valued family recipes. I've been studying the cuisines of the various communities for over 3 decades in a quest to understand, through food, their cultures and customs.

A number of my books are dedicated to these communities where I try, as much as possible, to preserve the original flavors of the recipe while I respect the cultures and traditions of every community. With time, experience and culinary developments in Israel, I have expanded my activities into cooking and baking for families, with an emphasis on fast and accessible cooking in a healthy and nutritious way. In addition, I have explored new areas such as veganism, vegetarianism, gluten-and -sugar-free cooking and even Paleo. These, and more, have received attention in my books, articles and of course, my website.

The vast experience I have gained over the years of writing about food for articles in newspapers and magazines, together with T.V. and radio appearances, lectures and demonstrations about the various communities in Israel, especially quick, modern recipes, together with my writings, are all based in the Tunisian kitchen of my childhood, which has molded me into who I am today. In recent years, preparing delicacies for my food columns, I have been involved in styling and photographing them for my writings.

Over the years I have written for many food publications, newspapers and magazines, including 'Derech Haochel', 'Laisha', 'Gourmet (At)', 'Horim veyeladim', 'Mishpacah Tova', and 'Lihiyot Mishpacha', and I've also acted as a culinary advisor and editor for 'Rozmarin magazine.
I am the publisher of 'Pasqal Baregesh', lecture and present culinary presentations on T.V. and radio, including morning shows and guest appearances. I give demonstrations and speak about the connections between culture, customs and food. I also participate in Liat Regev's radio programme, 'Nearly Shabbat' on Channel B.

I advise food manufacturers in their development of new products and I lecture in school and private settings, as well as presenting courses in the various cooking schools. I am a graduate of the cooking and nutrition teacher's course at the David Yellin College in Jerusalem, and I taught nutrition and home economics for a number of years in various schools and in the youth village at Ben Shemen.

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